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Our ThinLine Custom LED Signs Have Landed!

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We are excited to announce the newest member of the Beer Sign Specialists product lineup: The ThinLine, ultra-bright, edge lit LED sign. After months of design work and prototyping we feel confident that we have perfected our ThinLine LED sign. Unlike many of our previous options, this LED sign lets us pay specific attention to you image, not forcing us to alter it for the purpose of creatively lighting it. This sign allows your company, logo, label, message, and brand to stand out and draw attention in the way you intended it to.

Throughout the design process we carefully chose LED modules that keep the signs thin and give us the opportunity to create shapes that compliment your art. These ThinLine LED signs are extremely bright and pack a punch, drawing all the attention to your logo and brand!

Sign Specifications:

  • All signs come with DC transformer, in-line power switch, and 3 foot extension cord to fit any need in any space.
  • These signs are light, coming in at 2.5 pounds for a 19" diameter circular sign. You can feel confident they will hang securely no matter where they are being displayed.
  • Each sign comes with an easy-to-use D-Ring picture hanger installed on the back for easy installation.
  • The lights we use are the latest in LED technology, energy efficient, and long lasting. Using only a fraction of the power their life span will far surpass a standard neon sign.
  • Can be made in different shapes and sizes that fit your logos and brand.
  • Extremely cost-effective compared to other lit signs. Coming in at nearly half the price of other options.
  • Short run possibilities allow these signs to be accessible for companies and breweries of any size. There is no need to order hundreds of signs at a time, allowing smaller companies to access the same look and impact as the bigger companies.
  • Fast turnaround time as compared to overseas orders.
  • Our ThinLine LED sign is produced in our facility in Albany, New York.

We would love to create a prototype for you! With a single payment of $300  we will work with you and create a ThinLine LED sign prototype for your company and brand. Your payment will be credited back to you upon an order of 50 or more signs.

Beer Sign Specialists ThinLine LED signs elevate your brand without compromising the qualities that make it great! Please, take a moment to contact us so we can begin working with you to create the perfect ThinLine LED sign for you and your company!


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